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You are the light of the world.

Here are a few ideas on how you and I can be light in our world.

  • Take cookies or a cake to a shutin in your neighborhood.
  • Visit a coworker in the hospital.
  • Share an encouraging word with someone who is down on their luck.
  • You and others go in together to help pay someone's electric bill.
  • Be kind when you are having to wait in line at a restaurant.
  • Give extra when you tip your waitress.
  • Have a good attitude and Godly actions when you're driving.
  • Simply say to someone "God bless you."
  • Speaking to someone's potential like God did to Gideon in Judges 6.
  • Purchase shoes or a coat for a child in need.
  • Purchase extra school supplies and take them to a local school.
  • Donate a box fan to a local charity for those in need.
  • Give to a missions organization to help the poor or to spread the Gospel around the world.