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"EVERYONE IS ROYALTY" by Pastor Robert Wall

Posted on March 12, 2020 at 10:30 AM

I grew up hanging around my Mom’s Beauty Shop in Atlanta, Texas. I would sometimes go there on early release days from school, and just hang out. I would go next door to Walker’s Drug Store for an Ice Cream Float or Soda. I would sweep her floors, load her coke machine, take out her trash or whatever she needed as a way of earning my allowance. Her shop was always a busy place. Usually people waiting, one in the chair, and a couple sitting under the dryers. She had a couple of other sweet ladies working there, so it was pretty busy. I spent a few days there every summer.

I remember that everyone got treated the same. Mom had several wealthy ladies that were loyal weekly customers. She had several little ole ladies that lived on fixed incomes that came in once a month because they could only afford it on payday. Everyone was treated the same, Like Royalty. My Mom always took her time with every customer, and they got the Full Treatment . No matter if they could pay or not. Everyone got the best shampoos, color if they needed it, a cut, and style . My Mom loves to bless people still to this day. I can remember little ole ladies coming in and saying they just needed to get their hair washed, and Mom would give them the works for the same price, if she charged them at all.

My parents have always stressed to my Brother and I to treat everyone the same. No matter the Social Status, Financial Status, Race, Creed, or Religion. Everyone is valuable in God’s eyes and he gave The Very Best He Had for them as well as you and I. This lifestyle was branded into my mind at an early age, and it is how I have raised my Children. That is the Heart of Our Heavenly Father. He looks at us all the same. He sees us as one of two groups of people, The Group that HAS accepted Jesus, and the Group that NEEDS to accept Jesus.

God does not look down on you for anything, and if you have accepted Christ, The Bible says He is not counting your sins against you anymore. We are all Kings and Priests. We are a Royal Priesthood, A Holy Nation, these are just some of the things The Lord Calls Us. He Calls us Friend………..Just like at my Mom’s Shop, if you came there you were getting the full Salon Treatment. Well that’s the way The Lord treats us. We are Blessed, regardless! If we just spend a little time with him. Those little ladies didn’t get that Blessing if they didn’t show up.

Lord help me to always see and receive your Blessings…….Thank You Lord for not showing favoritism. Thank You for loving us all the same. And paying the same great price for us all.

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