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"A Late Night Flight" by Pastor Robert Wall

Posted on February 20, 2020 at 10:40 AM


My Brother and I were definitely All Boy……We were into something all the time. My parents kept a close tight reign on us and we got our rear ends tore up all the time. But we were some hard headed jokers.

Back in the 70’s my Dad was building his parents a house on our property in Bivins, Texas. PawPaw and Granny sold their house pretty soon, so they lived with us while Dad was finishing their new house. Momma moved my Brother and I in one room and PawPaw and Granny slept in the other. We had twin beds and they were positioned with about a 5′ walkway between them. We would beg PawPaw to sleep In our room and we would bunk together. We loved it when he slept In there. We would act like some wild Indians and he always took up for us, laughed at us, and never told on us.

On this particular night we talked him into camping out with us in our room. Now PawPaw had been sick for a few days with the flu. He was getting better but really didn’t feel good. About 2:30-3:00 am we decided it would be fun to jump on the bed. We were jumping so high and touching the ceiling. Then we started jumping from bed to bed across the 5′ span between them. Now I am about 6 yr and my Brother 8 yr at the time. Poor ole PawPaw would cough and cough and say with a weak sick voice, ” y’all better quit! you are gonna wake your Daddy up “. But by this time we had turned into professional flying trapeze folks…… escalated to some real wild flights.

All at once we both hit the mattress a millisecond apart, and the force sling shot my Brother head first through the window. Thank God this took place in the early 70’s when the style was these drapes that were thick as a Buffalo hide, or my Brother would have probably been cut to death. I’m looking out the broken window at him squirming around trying to get out of the tangled screen and military grade tarp like drapes, while laying in St Augustine Grass in the middle of the night. PawPaw moaning ” I told y’all “….

When he finally got out of the wreckage, without a scratch, he said “how am I gonna get back in “? I said like every other American Good Brother would say, “you are on your own Jack ” , and I got back into bed. PawPaw was so sick he couldn’t get up, but was trying. Now how my Parents slept through the sound, I really don’t know. But all of a sudden you hear,”DingDong”…….. This idiot done rang the front doorbell. Now Daddy is awake. I see him going down the hall with a pistol. The doorbell ringing like crazy, my Dad finally makes it to the door and looks through the peek hole. Now my brother is so short he can’t see him but the bell is still going off. Daddy jerks open the door to see my Brother standing there in his underwear. Daddy said, “What are you doing outside in the middle of the night” ? And my Brother gave the greatest excuse I have ever heard…………..”I fell out the window”………..and it was on……

It is amazing to me how we as people, even grown people make up every kind of excuse to our failures, and try to paint a better picture of our circumstances. Instead of admitting , I was doing what I shouldn’t be doing, something stupid, and I caused all this mess. Knowing that the truth was going to come out. Because how, if you are doing what you should be doing at the wee hours of the night, like every other 8 yr old in America. Which is laying horizontal in your bed…… could you possibly “fall” out the window with such a momentum to take the Drapes, Sheers, screen, and your body 15 feet out in the front yard……….

Lord help me to always be quick to admit my short comings, receive the forgiveness that you have already paid for and provided for me, and move on. …….if you meet my Parents today, and they seem a little rattled……well… know why!!!!!!!

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