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"Are We Lost" by Pastor Robert Wall

Posted on February 18, 2020 at 11:30 AM


We spent countless hours in the woods when I was a kid. We would go to McLeod , Texas and spend the night with some relatives there. The ladies would sit around the table and visit while the men all sat around and listened to Jerry Clower or Justin Wilson on record. We would laugh and plan out the big Squirrel hunt at daybreak. We all had squirrel dogs.

The next morning after a big breakfast, we would head out to some of the biggest hardwood bottoms you’ve ever seen. I don’t know exactly how big, but it was probably in the thousands of acres. We would pull off the road and turn those dogs loose and wait. It wouldn’t be long before you would hear ole Sissy, Boots, Brummy, or Buddy barking on a tree. And off we would go. We would go pretty quick so the squirrel didn’t tap the tree, meaning he would run out on a limb, jump to another tree and so on until he came down way out there away from where the dogs last smelled his scent. It was a blast and we would cover some ground.

You would get carried away listening for the dogs and when they tree’d you would hurry that direction and usually not pay too much attention to where you were. So many times I would ask Daddy, ” Are we lost “? We never were. Dad, and his cousin Hershel always knew where we were and the exact way to walk towards the Jeep.

It is the same way in life. Your Heavenly Father always knows where you are. Nothing is a surprise to him, and He always has a way of escape. Even in Genesis when Adam and Eve hid themselves from God, and He called to the man…….”Adam, where are you ” he was not asking Adam for his location, He is God, He knows all things. I think he just wanted Adam to hear himself say where he was and why.

Sometimes in our prayer life as Christians , we spend most of the time telling God what is going on, as if he needs the information…. ” Lord, so and so is sick……he has a bad cold ” as if The Lord would say, ” oh I didn’t know that ” . Come on! He is Almighty God. He created us all and The whole world and holds the universe in his hands…….He wants us to see him as The Loving Father He is and have a Relationship with him. Talk to him as Our Daddy and not like he is some disconnected person that doesn’t know what’s going on or where we are. Just like my Earthly Daddy always knew our location and the way out, so The Lord knows about us too….

Lord help me to never forget that You hold me in the palm of Your Hand…….

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