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"A Rocking Hog" by Pastor Robert Wall

Posted on February 13, 2020 at 1:40 PM


Now when I was a teenager, My Brother, A couple of our friends, and I were always pulling some kind of practical joke or something. It didn’t matter who, we just pulled our pranks on anyone that gave us opportunity. I remember one night my Parents were watching TV and my Brother and I and two friends that were always at our house (or we were at theirs) was just sitting around watching a little TV as well and visiting. It was about 7:30pm and our telephone rang. It was one of my Mom’s friends telling her that a Missionary from Scotland was in town, and they were going around to some local Christian homes just introducing the Missionaries to different families.

Now when my Mom announced that they were coming over and would be there in half hour……well we shot out the door like a bucking bull out of a squeeze chute. We lived so far off of the main road that you couldn’t see our house from the road. It was sitting up in the middle of a Pine Thicket. Our driveway wound around through those dark dense pine trees.

We had recently gotten a couple of pigs butchered that my Brother had raised for FFA. Now when we picked up the meat from the packing house, they gave us the head in a large trash bag. Now Dad put the head in the freezer so he could give it to someone that was going to make “Hog Head Cheese”. We got that head out of the freezer, stuffed Daddy’s chest waders with pine straw and an old coat. We took that thing down the driveway and sat it up in a rocking chair. We put that frozen hog head on top of the man like figure. We placed an old straw hat on the head and drove a corn cob pipe in its mouth. This joker was sitting right in the middle of the driveway that came through the darkest of the woods. We were moving so fast……everyone had an idea and just did their part without any discussion. Now our prop was ready for the missionary.

We just sat there waiting to hear a car slow down to turn in the drive. When we finally heard this, we ran out and kicked the rocker and jumped back in the brush. Now when this car came around the curve in the driveway,……..there it was…..a man-like figure, with a hogs head, rocking back and forth. They had to slow way down, because we barely left enough room for the car to pass along side. Those poor Missionaries from Scotland…….they were so scared. I really didn’t think they were going to get out of the vehicle.

When she finally got out of the car, she was terrified speaking in her native language with a few tears……it sounded like a charismatic prayer meeting. We got in so much trouble…….now looking back at this time in my life, I remember how well we all worked together. We accomplished so much in so little time.we didn’t even have a plan when we walked out the door. All we knew was there was some foreigners coming over and it was dark………Nuff said. We could really take a lesson from this as people of God. The working together part……..everyone just added to the plan however he saw he could. We didn’t waste a lot of time with discussions, or arguing over who was to do what. We just got busy and moved forward……..

Lord help me to always be useful and do what you have called me to do, and when combined with all the other believers or workers, may we accomplish much…………

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